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1. Learn to put down diapers
Gabriele Haug Schnabel
In this book parents will find everything they need to know so that their children have a good development and a good education in toilet. It teaches them how to end the daily fight against bedwetting: parents need to care for their child, strengthen their self-esteem and show their love every day. Only then will they provide the necessary help so that he can put off diapers.

2. Childhood enuresis: a problem with a solution
Carmen Bragado
Nocturnal enuresis is a fairly common problem in childhood, and is perceived with concern by both parents and children. For years, Behavior Therapy has investigated this phenomenon in an attempt to find effective intervention strategies, offering, for the moment, the best results in solving this problem. This book addresses the nature of nocturnal enuresis, with special emphasis on the study of behavioral treatments, analyzing their theoretical foundation and their therapeutic efficacy. Likewise, some practical suggestions are proposed to adapt in each case.

3. Goodbye to diapers
Alison mackonochie
Learning to stay clean and dry is an important step in your child's journey to independence.
Goodbye to diapers is a comprehensive and practical guide to this critical period in a child's life.

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