Recommended books to relax your child

Recommended books to relax your child

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1.Learn to relax children at school and at home. From 2 to 7 years
Denise Chauvel, Christiane Noret
If you are a mother of a family or a teacher of early childhood education, sometimes you have found yourself in front of nervous and even unbridled children without knowing what to do to make them listen to you. You would like to calm them, lead them to rest, relaxation and even sleep (at night or nap time) or that they were attentive for a little work, a reading, a directed game ...
This work proposes numerous exercises, presented in flashcards and aimed at obtaining active relaxation or passive relaxation.

2. Learn how to relax children in preschool
Michèle Guillaud
This work proposes some thirty original recreational activities to provoke stillness and return to calm, favoring, in parallel, the development of motor activities. In this way, children will learn to: become aware of their body scheme; control your gestures and emotions; explore the different ways to move your body; develop their abilities to live with others, explain what they live, feel and are. Tested and experienced with success over many years, articulated around large topics that are generally addressed in preschool (Christmas, Carnival, spring, etc.), the exercises proposed in this work are simple and concrete, they do not need any type of material conditions. individual and have a smooth and adaptable progression throughout the year. A very practical work, constantly used for children to build their own reference points and to get used to feeling the well-being of relaxation with maximum effectiveness.

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