Children's stories and books about jealousy

Children's stories and books about jealousy

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1. Jealousy. What do you feel?
Violet Monreal
Naming what you feel is a way to begin to know yourself and, therefore, a way to mature. By reading the titles of this collection, reviewed by psychologists, parents and educators will have an effective tool to talk with their children and for them to identify with some of the characters, thus beginning to overcome some aspects of their feelings that can lead to behavior. In turn, each story is a fun and enjoyable story that children will enjoy reading from beginning to end.

2.Of course, what about me? Childish jealousy
Maria Victoria Tabera Galván
This book raises an issue that often involves major conflicts in family life: jealousy between siblings. The author proposes ways of solving this problem through a journey through the different manifestations of jealousy in the early years.

3. Brothers and sisters. A relationship of love and jealousy
Marcel rufo

The affective relationship between siblings is the key point of this rigorous and practical essay. Why does an older child pee in bed again? Why are there children who suddenly drop drastically in school performance? Why do they become introverted and shy? These issues, and above all, how to help children and parents with these behaviors, is what this book proposes.

4. My son is jealous
Juan Manuel Ortigosa Quiles
The behavior of the jealous son is a consequence of the suffering generated by the belief in the loss of the affection and love of the parents in favor of the new brother. This problem, which affects various areas of the child's life, overwhelms the parents, who are unable to solve it. This work makes a direct and entertaining review of jealousy in childhood. It is a wonderful guide for parents who must deal with this common problem, helping them to understand and evaluate the behavior of the jealous child.

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