Will it be possible to touch the baby from before birth?

Will it be possible to touch the baby from before birth?

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You will think about it, is it possible? As surprised as I am. But the truth is that touching and feeling the baby's movements in the mother's womb may be possible thanks to Babytouch, a virtual glove that will allow the parents to contact the baby during pregnancy.

The research is being carried out by scientists from the Miguel Hernández University, in Alicante, Spain. They intend to develop, produce and market Babytouch, as an ultrasound device that allows the baby's movements to be touched and felt virtually, even in the mother's tummy. Its purpose is to sell the virtual glove as an add-on package to install the ultrasound machine. It is designed to be compatible with everyone.

This project received an award from the Fundación Empresa-Universidad de Alicante, Fundeun, which allowed researchers to develop a business plan. Now they are pending to constitute a spin-off, a technology company based on the University's research results. To caress the baby's face before it is born, the ultrasound scanner will have to acquire images of the fetus in three dimensions. He will then rebuild them to offer parents a sense of touch. Whether that works or not, that's something else. Must see.

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