Traveling with babies: Do you know the ghost sheet?

Traveling with babies: Do you know the ghost sheet?

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I, in particular, do not know the ghost sheet but I admit that when I read the comment about the product to the post on how to prepare a vacation trip with a baby, I was curious and decided to look for information about it. Looking at the product, I realized that human inventiveness really has no limits.

Although it has been on the market for many years, I suppose that many parents still do not know it. Do you know why it's called a ghost sheet? Because it is a sheet like any other bottom sheet, with the difference that it includes a 100% organic stretch cotton t-shirt in the center. The sheet is stretched well between the mattress and the mattress, unzips the shirt, the child is inserted into the shirt, and closes the zipper. The child will remain subject to the sheet, as if it were a ghost. You will be able to move and jump in bed, safely, without falling, until you get tired and fall asleep. It is a product that can replace both the travel cot and the safety bars of a bed and sleeping bags. The only thing they must have well assured is that the sheet is adequate to the size of the mattress so that it can be well attached to it. It really is a practical and comfortable alternative for trips with children. It does not take up space and its price ranges, depending on the size, from 20 to 40 euros for a child, and from 53 to 57 euros for twins. You can buy the ghost sheet on your own website, or in other online stores. It is recommended for children from 6 months (or 5 kg) to 4 years of age. I think it can be a good gift for parents on family trips. They can use it both in a hotel and in the home of a relative.Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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