Children's film: The Children of Timpelbach

Children's film: The Children of Timpelbach

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Imagine that one day you wake up in a world where there are no adults, no fathers or mothers to control and order children. That is what happened to the children of the village of Timpelbach. The boys and girls of the village did not stop doing mischief and resisted any kind of authority. Tired of this situation, the parents decide to leave town for a few days. Now children are responsible for their destiny, and this freedom brings them into conflict. They are divided into two bands that face each other to seize power in the small village. Welcome to the rambunctious, unleashed, amazing, haunting, mysterious, and incredible children's world of Timpelbach, a town without adults.

Main cast: Gerárd Depardieu, Carole Bouquet, Armelle, and les petites canailles Screenplay: Nicolas Bary. Nicolas Peufaillit Direction: William munny Photography: Axel cosnefroy Music: Frédéric Talgorn Production: Dimitri Rassam. Aton Soumache. Alexis Vonarb Duration: 97 minutes

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