If you have difficulty having a baby watch this video.

If you have difficulty having a baby watch this video.

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Among the countless posts we receive from parents who like our site on FaceBook, there is one that left me heartbroken and tremendously excited. "Rayen, the flower that caused a rebirth in my life", is the title of a beautiful video that a mother, Andrea González, agreed to share with the readers of our magazine.

Behind an image there is not only someone filming, behind an image there can also be true miracles like the one shown in this video. Behind this beautiful video there is a story of great courage, courage and great enthusiasm. Rayen, the beautiful baby that we see in the images, and whose name could not have a more special meaning than that of "flower of hope", was born after her parents had been in treatment for infertility for almost two years. When everything seemed incredible, Rayen arrived, to the joy of his parents. The mother says that "Rayen arrived when we had already lowered our arms. We had been in treatment for almost 2 years and we were already exhausted by so many failed attempts. I decided to suspend all the medications and a month after we were married, we achieved the pregnancy. The pregnancy was delicate and with rest from the first month because I presented symptoms of loss and I must have been on high doses of progesterone. Besides, my prolactin hormone always remained high. We went through so many things. .. "At two months of pregnancy, Andrea, who lives in Chile, had to face an earthquake and tsunami in her country. In the midst of so many difficulties, when Andrea gave birth to Rayen, she couldn't believe it. The time had come to meet her, to touch her ... When she was born, the matron, together with her father, put Rayen in contact with her. "I was born again! Her skin was so warm, it seemed that she had recognized me immediately, I remember her little hands on my face and her little mouth looking for my heat to suck. Rayen is everything for me and my husband", she tells us Andrea. No more being born, Rayen cries and it is only when her mother gives her one kiss after another that she calms down. We hope, with this emotional statement and this video, to encourage couples not to give up in the face of difficulties in having a child. Keep trying, despite everything. There are children who are true miracles in the lives of their parents. And there are parents who are true champions. Congratulations, Andrea!

Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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