Toys for 3- to 6-month-olds

Toys for 3- to 6-month-olds

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Your baby doesn't need much when it comes to toys. However, toys can be a great way to help stimulate both their physical and intellectual development. From sensory stimulation to hand-eye coordination, these toys are sure to help keep your baby entertained.

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At this age, babies discover how much fun their own hands can be now that they're no longer clenched in a fist. Your infant will be starting to grasp a toy placed in his hands or reach for one that interests him.

Soon he'll be able to pass a toy back and forth between his hands and rotate his wrist to inspect it from all sides – usually before popping it into his mouth! Check labels to make sure that all toys are safe for chewing.

Learning how to sit is another major task babies work on in these months, so gifts that take advantage of this great new interest are key.

Best toys for 3-month-olds


A soft, snuggly teether

The Snuggle & Teethe giraffe plush is perfect for soothing baby on the go. Light weight and easy to transport, this adorable giraffe will offer cuddly comfort and teething relief, all rolled into one. Its crinkly, crunchy sounding fabric makes for a sensory win.


  • Easy to travel with
  • Teether "feet" help soothing aching gums
  • Soft fabric is great for snuggling

Bright Starts Snuggle & Teethe Plush Teether Toy


A sturdy board book

Reading to a child at any age has benefits from bonding to soothing to development.. Board books are good for babies because they can withstand mouthing, drooling, and most other forms of baby love. Listening to your voice helps your baby develop an ear for the cadence of language. And varying the pitch of your voice using accents, singing, and vocalizing will make reading together much more interesting to your child.


  • Durable design helps withstand mouthing, drooling and chewing
  • Reading to baby is great for language development

Pat the Bunny Board Book


A sensory teething rattle

Babies working on new teeth can have sore gums, so the colorful tubes on this classic teether and sensory toy were designed with the perfect chewable softness for them to work without hurting. Plus, a newly handsy baby can really get a grip on all the interlocking pieces. Store teethers in the refrigerator to provide cold relief when your baby needs it, but never put them in the freezer; such cold temperatures could hurt your baby's delicate gums and lips.


  • Chewable softness for sore gums
  • Can be stored in the refrigerator for cool relief
  • Easy grip handle

Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle & Sensory Teether Toy

Best toys for 4-month-olds


Easy to grasp rattle for little hands

Your baby will shake their way through play time with this easy to grasp rattle set from Fisher Price. The colorful beads on the inside make a fun rattle sound that is sure to stimulate your baby's senses.


  • Easy to grasp, good for motor skill development
  • Made from soft, colorful fabric
  • Makes a fun rattle sound when shaken

Fisher-Price Rattle 'n Rock Maracas


An activity gym

An activity gym for babies is basically a comfy cloth mat with toy-laden arches that helps them learn how to kick and reach. And it’s helpful for parents to have an easily portable gym for when you’re on the go, too – whether picnicking at the park, staying at a hotel, or visiting Grandma, babies have a clean, familiar place to play on. Little ones especially love Fisher-Price’s Kick 'n Play Piano Gym for its removable piano toy: kicking or bashing it produces happy-making musical notes.


  • Comfy cloth mat
  • Easily portable when on the go
  • Musical sounds when kicked or hit
  • Five different toys in one

Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick 'n Play Piano Gym


Toys to manipulate

Once your baby can pick things up and move (or toss) them around, she'll love blocks, baby-safe puzzles, and shape sorters. Balls she can roll around or pat are other popular choices – especially if they make noise or music when they roll, like this sweet baby-friendly rattle toy. It’s easy for babies to grasp, and has rubbery parts that they love to chew on.


  • Rubberized details that are perfect for teething
  • Rattle beads for sensory stimulation
  • Easy to grasp openings are good for baby's dexterity

Skip Hop Explore & More Roll-Around Rattle Toy

Best toys for 5-month-olds


Wrist rattle & foot finders

Designed to help your baby develop their hand, foot, & eye coordination, these soft wrist rattles and feet finders are a great choice. As your baby kicks, the rattling sounds are sure to grab and keep her attention. The kicking motion is great for promoting the use of her muscles.


  • One size fits most
  • Machine washable
  • Made from soft cotton


A sitting helper

Babies learning to sit up appreciate a little bit of help, which they can get from clever floor seats like this one. The cozy chair safely keeps infants upright, and allows them to hold toys at eye- and hand-level so they can play with them happily. Maybe now Mom or Dad will have a few minutes to get dinner on the table.


  • Soft and cushy seat pad provides maximum comfort
  • Two linkable toys for play time
  • Wide, sturdy base provides a stable seated environment for baby
  • Offers upright support for baby

Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat


A light-up musical toy

Babies love new sounds, particularly those that issue forth at the command of tiny hands or feet. This neat musical cube plays one of eight Mozart compositions with a touch of the top “Orchestra” button – or babies can hit one of the instrument buttons on the side to hear each sound isolated: harp, French horn, violin, etc. As the melody plays, each instrument button lights up when its corresponding sound is heard, and budding composers can add or subtract instruments at will to the song.


  • Includes sounds from five different instruments
  • Features several different bright colors such as yellow, green, purple and magenta
  • One button combines all different orchestra sounds

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

Best toys for 6-month-olds


A highchair toy

It's hard for hungry babies to sit and wait for meals to arrive at restaurants and at home, and no one likes to start a meal with anyone cranky. Help her out with this enchanting wheel toy, which makes a lovely rattling noise and contains brightly colored beads that ricochet around when the wheel is spun. The suction-cup base makes it perfect for highchairs and other flat playing surfaces.


  • Centerpiece spinners are great for your baby's visual tracking
  • Suction cup base is great for highchairs or any other flat surface
  • Clear structure shows off colorful beads allowing your baby to connect sight and sound

Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center

A soothing sensory toy

Little eyes that are growing better every day at tracking motions will love watching the little beads inside this toy slowly make their way from top to bottom as the baby in charge twists this mini rainmaker around in her grasp. And the noise of the beads plinking from level to level sounds like a soothing thunderstorm, just the thing to calm rattled parental and baby nerves alike.


  • Makes soothing rain sounds with each turn
  • Gripping and shaking the toy encourages fine and gross motor skill development
  • The bright colors help to engage your baby's visual senses

Halilit HL200 Mini Rainmaker


STEM learning toy

This 9 piece set of stackable rings features different textures and weights, with a straight post to stack the rings stack upon. Ideal for promoting hand-eye coordination and a great early introduction to sorting, size, sequencing, and building.


  • Helps to develop hand-eye coordination
  • Sorting, sizing, sequencing, and building is great for early STEM introduction
  • Chunky rings make it easy for baby to grasp

Sassy Stacks of Circles Stacking Ring STEM Learning Toy