Being a big sister to twins: We're the Kahlers (Episode 5)

Being a big sister to twins: We're the Kahlers (Episode 5)

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Paul: Yo, what up?

We're the Kahlers.

Dree: Kahlers!

Paul: And I hope to see you at the end of this vlog.

Dree: Vlog!

Paul: It's going to be exciting.

Dree: Exciting!

Paul: Exciting!

Good morning. It's actually not the morning, it's like almost noon, but today we're gonna hang out with Dree.

And Pencey, Rowley, and Mom, of course. But we're just gonna kinda go over a few things of how Dree has been a big sister to Rowley and Pencey.

And let's just say she's been really good so far.

But right now we're gonna get dressed, and we're gonna run a couple of errands and just kind of – look at her, she's rolling over.

This is Pencey.

She's 6 months.

Huh, honey, are you so big?

She sits up.

Rowley is sleeping.

Are you supposed to touch?

You hungry?

Dree: Mommy, smoothie.

Paul: Nice.

Dree: Smoothie, smoothie!

Paul: Wanna make a smoothie?


You gonna tip it over?

Nice. Nice.

And we finished it!

No more.

Dree loves these shakes.

Dree: Bubbles!

Paul: They give a lot of her nutrients and vegetables.

And normally we'll have a couple of them a day as, like, snacks in between meals.

But yeah, it's pretty easy, you just do a couple scoops. We do three scoops 'cause we share this one.

And you can use water or almond milk, or any other milk that you like, and then you shake away.

What's in there?

Dree: Sparkling water.

Paul: Sparkling water?

Dree: Yeah.

Paul: Oh my goodness, do you love sparkling water?


Let me know how it is.

Dree: Mmm, good!

Paul: It's good, thumbs up?

Nice. So what are we gonna do today?

Kelly: I know this is all about Dree today, so Dree with her siblings and what I see at home and what I see on the day to day.

She is all about them.

Dree: Morning.

Kelly: Can you say "good morning"?

Dree: Good morning!

Kelly: Is it brother?

She likes to make them laugh.

Dree, give him a kiss.

She likes to help them, pretty much. She likes to play with them.

It's really cute when we're all in, like, we have a kid's corner type thing, like a little play area in our living room, and Dree will just set them up and get them food. And she'll make them stuff in the kitchen, she'll draw for them, and she just likes to play with them.

Are you drawing for Pencey?

Dree: Lil' pages!

Kelly: Go a little gentler.

Dree: Pencey, Rowley.

Kelly: Rowley?

Hi, bud.

Dree: Push.

Kelly: Whoa!

And we do dress up, we haven't done dress up in a while.

But we do dress up, where everyone will wear capes, and masks, and –

Paul: You know, just when the oldest dresses you up.

You hear a heartbeat?

Dree: No.

Kelly: And it's just really fun to watch her just want to play with them, that's really fun.

Right now we're headed to Costa Mesa, and we're gonna go see our friend's kid.

He just started his own clothing line.

He's, how old, 6?

Paul: He's 6.

Kelly: And we're gonna go support him, so we're gonna go check it out.

Paul: We're gonna go get something to eat now at our favorite place.

Dree: Dive!

Paul: Dive!

She calls "Vibe" "dive."

Dree: Dive.

Paul: Dive.

You love it?

Dree: Dive!

Paul: Let's go.

Dree: 'Cado! 'Cado!

Paul: What, 'cado?

'Cado toast, 'cado toast, 'cado toast!

Kelly: One diaper and wipes.

Paul: So yeah, I was talking about earlier how Dree's just been super, super easy, and just a really, really good big sister.

She's been super, super good.

Like, if you ask her to do something, like probably 85 percent of the time she'll, like, help you out.

Like, Kelly sometimes asks me, "Hey, can you go get a bib?"

And Dree will say, "Got it!"

It's just like super helpful.

Like, I guess it could be, like, the other way around, where she's just like – she could be mean to the babies, or like super, super jealous, and she's not jealous in any way.

Kelly: And a lot of the time, if I ask her to get something for the babies and she doesn't want to, I don't make her, 'cause it's not her job to do it.

But if she wants to be a helper, and if she wants to do it, then I'm totally blessed by it and happy.

And the other day Rowley had literally spit up, thrown up – I have no clue what – everywhere.

And so I was like, "Hurry! Hurry! Get someone to help!"

And she's, like, running around the house, "Help! Help!" trying to find someone.

And it was just so cute.

Paul: Put 'em on.

Dree: Yeah.

Paul: Thank you.

Oh my gosh, did you drink it all?

Dree: No.

Paul: Dree Dree, what'd you get?

Dree: 'Cado toast.

Kelly: Do you want mommy to cut it?

Dree: Yes.

Kelly: Alright, say, "Cut, please."

Dree: Cut, please.

Big bite!

Paul: More? Another big bite?

Dree: See it?

Paul: Yeah, that's a big bite.

Kelly: Tonight we are going to get the kids prepped and ready for bed early, and eat early, so we can go look at the lights with my family, so it'll be fun to just walk around.

Dree understands Christmas a lot more this year, so it's been fun to see what type of things she likes.

And she likes lights, so.

Dree: Cape!

Paul: Cape? Let me see it.

Kelly: Should we put Rowley's on?

Paul: Turn around.

Kelly: Turn the cape, turn.

Paul: Let me see it. Whoa.

Kelly: Is this your new sweatshirt?

Dree: Yeah.

Kelly: Show it.

Paul: Nice!

Kelly: Nice.

Paul: Did you get the cape for Rowley?

Dree: Yeah, yeah I did!

Kelly: Are we gonna do a bath soon?

Dree: Yeah.

Kelly: And then go look at some lights?

Dree: Yeah.

Daddy doing?

Paul: That's a great question.

Trying to look for Christmas lights on houses.

The place that I went to growing up – there's the Baileys', it's a bust.

There's no longer Christmas lights on the houses, it's like one of every 10, so we're going to go to this other place we went to last year –

Kelly: Two years ago.

Paul: Two years ago?

Hopefully it's still there.

Kelly: This is what – this is for sure.

Paul: This one's crazy. It has, like, loud music. He's, like, a whole engineer. We talked to him, like, a couple of years ago, and it's crazy, so we're gonna show you. So we're going there now.

Do you see all the lights?

Look at all of 'em.

But the coolest lights are around the corner, so let's go.

Child: Dree! Dree!

Dree, is this fun?

Dree Dree is this fun?

Paul: She likes just to watch.

Kelly: On a one-horse open sleigh … o'er the fields we go …

Paul: He's having technical difficulties, so we're just singing out loud.

Kelly: Now we're at our local light street.

This one is the best one around. It's not as good as when we grew up, but it's good still.

So we're walking around now. Now we are actually walking.

Paul: There's so many cars.

Kelly: All right.

Dree: Bye.

Kelly: Peace out late!

Paul: Peace.

Dree: Peace!

Paul: Out.

Kelly: All right, let's roll. Peace.

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