Teething timeline: Your child's development

Teething timeline: Your child's development

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There's a wide range of normal for when baby teeth come in, but they usually appear in a predictable order. Get the scoop on teeth from birth to age 3.

Learn more about your child's teething and tooth-loss milestones.

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Your baby's teething timeline

6-10 months
Lower central incisors

8-12 months
Upper central incisors

9-13 months
Upper lateral incisors

10-16 months
Lower lateral incisors

13-19 months
Upper & lower first molars

16-23 months
Upper & lower canines

23-33 months
Upper & lower second molars

By age 3
Most children will have a full set of 20 baby teeth and can give you a beautiful smile.

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Last updated: March 2019

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