How should I praise my child?

How should I praise my child?

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Praise is an excellent way to motivate your child or reward them for good behavior. However, too much praise can create a situation where your child expects praise for every activity they do or only do activities that will result in praise. Good praise is specific and related to effort, not just outcome.

An example, if your child is toilet training, giving them praise around the specific activities that they do with toilet training, even if they're not successful in reaching to the toilet, can increase their success with toilet training. Simple statements such as, "I'm really proud that you came and told me that you needed to use the bathroom when you felt your urine coming" can increase the number of times that your child will come to you when they need to go. Praising their effort – "I appreciate the fact that you went to the bathroom and you pulled your pants down by yourself" – helps to reinforce the actual activities that they're doing to allow toilet training to happen.

For older children, when they are participating in sports and other activities, praise their courageousness for trying out, praise their effort as being part of the team. And while it's fine to praise the home run they hit, putting greater emphasis on their effort as opposed to the outcome can reinforce their behavior for future times.

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